Flying Air Club Inc. also known as Flying Papa is a flight training school established to fulfill your dream of flying. Started by Sandy Nanda, school is designed to train aspiring pilots on advanced Ultra-Light aircraft.

With years of experience in IT and media industry, he always ensures to keep high standards to impart best quality training to future pilots.

Looking at those flying birds in sky, every man on earth dream of getting wings and flying high. Flying Papa tries to make it possible with its world class team of instructors and fleet.

Our current super consultant Arnold Klappe has 10 year plus experience in ultralight school management. He has made dream of for hundreds of student a reality.

Karama Al Ashwal & team of instructors carry years of training and flight experience that provide students with a sophisticated learning process. With most advance and newest birds in our fleet, you are always in safest hands.


Everybody can learn to FLY

The Experience

With 1000’s hrs of high-class experience, we exactly know what you want. Behind the scene, there is a team that works tirelessly to develop perfect course and training platform for you .

The Machine

Not there for cutting cost, we have finest and fresh machines for you to learn and fly around. We understand your passion and provide you with perfect resources to fulfill your dream.

No Hidden Cost

Unlike few schools, we believe in transparency, work ethic and a professional approach towards our job. We really know how to fly and how to make you learn flying.


We believe every question needs to be answered. We follow flexibility towards teaching our students. You are free to ask any question and any number of times. We are there for you to answer and always remember your passion is our first love – Flying.

After Support

Flying papa is a family. You can always rely on us even years after you pass your school. With are highly experienced team of consultants & instructors, you can always count on us for any info or support on flying. Renting planes to buying or to build your future in aviation. We are always there for us.