If you would like an introduction into flight training or looking for a special gift, this is a great place to start. 

For one hour, you can be a pilot. You will learn how airplanes fly, conduct a pre-flight, and actually take the controls of the aircraft under the guidance of a certified flight instructor. Fly over mountains , Lakes , Forest . Feel like a bird.

Your discovery flight will start with a pre-flight checklist to become familiar with the Aircraft. We take a your plane down the runway, an effortless takeoff and then climb to a comfortable cruising altitude. You will feel the excitement in the air  as we fly over the beautiful landscape all the way to the spectacular mountain view. You can ask pilot questions and some tricks.

Finally, we return to the airport for an easy landing and a quick wrap-up. At this point you will probably be thinking about learning to fly.


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30 Minutes
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45 Minutes
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60 Minutes