Pilot Permit – Ultralight

Privileges – An ultralight pilot may fly any Basic or Advanced Ultralight Plane, or any Plane that has a 1200 lb max take-off weight or less with a stall speed of 45 mph or less, regardless of how the plane is registered. 

  • Age: 16 yrs
  • Medical: Category 4 declaration (self-declared in most cases)
  • Knowledge: Ground school course and Transport Canada multiple-choice written exam
  • Experience: Transport Canada requires a minimum of 10 hrs flight time, including 5 hrs dual and 2 hrs solo with 30 take-offs and landings including 10 solo
  • Note: To become a safe Advanced Ultralight pilot we would expect the training to consist of 15 to 25 hrs of dual and 2 to 5 hrs of solo flight time
  • Skill: Your instructor determines that you are competent to safely operate the ultralight in normal and emergency maneuvers
  • Transport Canada reference CAR 421.21
  • Price: The average cost of obtaining an ultralight pilot permit is $5830+GST

Passenger Carrying Rating

Privileges – Two pilots may fly together in any Ultralight Plane, but an ultralight pilot may not carry a passenger unless he/she has a passenger carrying rating and the plane is allowed to have a passenger carried in it.

  • Age: 16 yrs
  • Medical: Category 4 declaration signed by a medical doctor
  • Knowledge: There is not an additional knowledge requirement
  • Experience: Transport Canada requires a minimum of 25 hrs flight time, including 15 hrs dual (with 2 hours cross country) and 5 hrs solo
  • Skill: Flight test with a Transport Canada Pilot Examiner
  • Transport Canada reference CAR 421.55